The International department

Since its origin, Strate has developed a network with other design schools around the world.

The school's international development is now based on:

  • academic exchanges 
  • internships abroad 
  • industrial partnerships

These three elements are linked to the fourth year program, which is divided into two distinct sequences:

1st part:

From August to January, all the students are required to go abroad.They have three different possibilities for this stay: international academic exchange, professional internship or study trip.The latter can be organized around a theme in relation to creation and design in the part of the world they choose.

If students decide to stay in Europe, they can benefit from a scholarship, supported by the Erasmus+ program from the European Union.

No matter what they choose, students not only improve their English-speaking skills, sometimes even another language, but they also develop their international network, while improving their knowledge and skills through other views of design and of the professional world.

2nd part:

From February to June, industrial partnership projects are organized with different companies, both from France and abroad. The companies propose to the school a prospective reflection on a market,products or tendencies...

The projects last from three to five months. 




ERASMUS is an exchange programme created by the European Union in 1987. Erasmus promotes organised exchanges among universities within the framework of partnership programs.

Strate has signed the new Erasmus+ Chart :