Exchange Studies

How to apply to an exchange program

To participate in an exchange in the framework of a bilateral agreement, you need first to contact the person in charge of the international relations in your home institution.

Deadlines to send an application are:

    • For the 1st semester or the whole year: 1st of June
    • For the 2nd semester: 1st of November

Download the required documents to apply as an exchange student:

Strate school of design can receive students in second, third or fourth year, according to the following organization:

    • 1st semester (mid-September to beginning of February): 2nd or 3rd year (depending on the students’ level)
    • 2nd semester (mid-January or beg. of February to end of June): 2nd or 4th year (depending on the students’ level)

To apply, you need to prepare the following documents:

    • The application form duly filled and signed by you and your home institution
    • A resume
    • A letter of intent stating your reasons for applying to Strate 
    • A portfolio
    • An introduction movie (1 minute – to hear you speak and understand your motivations)
    • Copy of ID
    • One digital passport-size photograph

You need to hand out these documents to the person in charge of the exchanges in your home institution so that this person can send them to us.

Please note that applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.