Master in Design for Smart Cities project: CITAVIS

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Jordan AMAN


Design in the public sector is activism, and CITAVIS will provide the supporting structure for collaborative change. CITAVIS as an initiative, takes the form of an open source, community based platform, inspired by UX/UI design systems, for leveraging existing ecosystems in politics and design for better, more citizen-centric public action.

My project focusses on the steps necessary to begin to engage these ecosystems, and includes a roadmap to achieve proper collaboration, coordination, and facilitation of design in the public sector.

First, I focus on the process of sensitizing our user populations (policy-makers and designers) to public design. This sensitizing happens directly on the CITAVIS platform.

I then offer a view of two possible futures in which this roadmap plays out: through the creation of a standardized “Smart” label for the future development of city services and public policy, and through legal implementation in government, by creation of a national design council, an intependant administration, or otherwise.

CITAVIS is meant to challenge the current system of public policy and offer the design method as a powerful tool for citizen-centric change.

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