3D modeler: job description

Most of the objects that we are surrounded with, big or small, have been prototyped before being produced

Often born in the designers’ heads, they take shape thanks to the talent of men and women who, on the computer, translate them into graphic representations: they are the 3D modelers.

  • Checks the appearance and the feasibility of the designers’ creations.
  • Materializes the creation of volume by making a simulation of the objects or systems
  • Elaborates documents with graphic representations of the projects, for validation or decision-making support
  • The 3D modeller works on working stations equipped with professional software that require an important training and a constant practice in order to excel in that job. The results come from files that can generate:
  • Computer-generated imaging, animated films, augmented reality and virtual design environments
  • Machinings or material additions on numerical control machines
  • At Strate, we teach 3D modelling and traditional modelling in our 3D Modelling curriculum.