Game designer : job description

The game designer is the « conductor » of the team in the creation of a video game.

His role is to set the rules, define the feasibility, to ensure the game’s playability, to define the game’s scenario, the storyboard, the types of characters, the environment…

A true video game fan who listens to his project manager, he works with a team of 3D and 3D computer graphic designers, animators and sound designers.

Today, design is the 3D’s real playground!

If 3D has revolutionized the video game industry and allows us today to play games that are always more and more realistic, it also invades our everyday life. At Strate, we offer a completion of bac+5 in 2 years to become an “3D Experience designer” and to imagine the user experiences for companies.

The Immersive Design-Virtual Reality Design curriciulum teaches how to think, create, imagine, simulate, tell stories with and for 3D.

The 3D designer will create products and services in the real or virtual world.