Virtual Reality Designer: job description

The virtual reality designer exploits virtual reality to simulate the user experiences and the complex object interactions or services with one another and with the user.

Today’s companies do not only create objects and services. They also deal with the object’s interactions with its environment and the users, by demonstrating what this experience can bring to the user, by giving it some meaning ! The emergence of Virtual Reality brings a new field of exploration to this domain.

The new solutions under study in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, hi-tech, luxury, banking services, health, hospital systems… are very complex in terms of interaction, integration or conception and they need to be imagined, thought, created and virtually simulated before their implementation.

For example, the creation of an autonomous vehicle will require to implement its infrastructure, to create vehicle stations in the cities, to image the use of the vehicles but also how to use the city (passer-by detection, interaction with the other vehicles…). All this complexity will be part of the scenario to think, create, represent and simulate in virtual reality.

At Strate, we train Virtual Reality Designers in our virtual reality design program.